Change = Growth

I’m a true believer in everything happens for a reason, and it includes the people that come and go into our lives. I don’t know at what point in our generation that it became cool to be unfriendly and resistant to change, but it sounds more like the characteristics of a deadly virus rather than a normal human being. In the past year, I have met people that have been more supportive and beneficial in my life than friends that I have known for years. The problem is people can’t differentiate between quality and quantity. We let the amount of time spent with a person be the determining factor for a friendship rather than the value and significance it brings to our life. The moment we realize some people are meant to stay forever, and others are there for a temporary purpose is the moment we can live and let go.

The people that find change unfavorable are those that are scared of being left behind. The ending of a friendship or relationship shouldn’t be a bad experience. It should be embraced and celebrated because it’s a sign of change…and with change comes growth. It’s only negative when one refuses to adapt because that leads to extinction.


What is Happiness?

My goal in life is to remain happy.  It’s a simple sentence for a goal that will take an entire lifetime to reach.  I emphasize the word remain because not many people have actually found happiness.  I am only 24 years old, and I can confidently say that I have reached my state of happiness.

I don’t own a house. I have never driven a Ferrari (and I probably never will).  And I haven’t traveled outside of the U.S.   But I am happily married to the most wonderful husband.  I have been blessed with the best daughter.  And I have a cool looking wiener dog named Moose.  Some people may not agree or even believe that I could have possibly reached happiness because of the things I lack or because of the things I have gained.  So it brings us to the question, what is happiness?

Happiness can easily be described as the lack of being sad, but I have felt sadness plenty of times during my state of happiness.  Death has frequently crossed my family’s path during my lifetime; broken hearts are always a part of growing up, and personal failures have found room in life.  Through it all, I have remained happy.

Happiness (for me) is a state of mind.  I have felt sadness and mistaken depression through the struggles and problems in my short-lived life, but it is only temporary.  People die; it’s a part of life.  Hearts break; you move on.  People fail; they keep going.  Unless, you choose sadness to be your state of mind, then there it will remain.

I will never be able to describe to you what happiness means in a sentence or a paragraph, but I can show you what makes me happy during my lifetime.  So follow me on my journey to remain happy as I reflect on the people I have met, the things that I have seen, the places I have gone and the new ones I will experience.  This is the life of an Old Soul with a Young Spirit.


Photo taken by @ShootingHouston