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Nothing more beautiful than a woman in her natural skin, except her outer appearance reflecting within. – R. R. Francis


Shooting Houston

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This drawing was inspired by a photograph that was taken by Houston’s photographer and my husband’s friend, Joey Welch (@ShootingHouston…hence the name).

RaeShooting Houston

Change of Perspective

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I live life on the edge of life and death.

Because you haven’t lived until you’ve almost died.

In actuality, it’s because I have no choice.

See the doctor told me I’ll die in one day,

and all I hear is “I’ll day one day.”

Because it doesn’t matter if it’s one or two days, weeks or years.

I don’t need a doctor to warn me “live life now and face your fears.”


So I grab my bag, and…

Fuck that bag! I’ll take that “L.” I’ll live off land.

Did you catch it?  That’s ok, you’ll get it one day.

Back to the story at plan

Because you see, we’re all made of energy.

No, I don’t mean that hippy shit.

It means life is what you make it.

Take notice:


Monday thru Friday you work your 9 to 5.

On a good day, you’re happy, and it may end with a kiss.

On a bad day, you’re happy until you’re stuck in traffic

You walk in so mad you forgot to give your wife a kiss.

You got so caught up in traffic, you didn’t realize your good & bad day was actually the same shit.

But let’s change your perspective:


You didn’t know what God had planned for you.

You sat in traffic to avoid the accident that would’ve turned your whole body blue.

You missed your kiss because what you didn’t know could have killed you.

Your wife was cheating on you because all of the kisses she missed.

She had an STD, and the traffic helped you avoid that bitch.

So on your good day that ended with your love’s kiss, was when you actually caught that shit.

So change your perspective.


But back to me.

The doctor said “I’ll die in one day.”

And one day it will be true.

The next day will be my last, or it may be your day, too.

Do I make you uncomfortable with my talk of death?

Maybe it’s because you’re not ready to die yet.

Excuse me, I mean..Maybe you haven’t lived your life yet.

Now that’s a change of perspective.

RaeChange of Perspective

Waiting for Potential

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“They have potential, they have potential..”  If you keep repeating it enough, then you and others may believe it, but it does not make it true.  Matter of fact, you may believe in it so much you forget the difference between potentiality and actuality.

There has to be some type of time limit to decipher between potential and false hope.  We stick to people and ideas because “They have so much potential.”  Years pass by and we’re still with the same person, repeating the same excuse and hoping for it to one day turn into the truth.

So how long will you wait?  How much time will you give up?  How many people will you pass up until you realize potential means nothing if it doesn’t evolve.

RaeWaiting for Potential